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Unplugged weddings: couples are saying no to weddings through a viewfinder

Over the past few years, smartphones have become a regular part of any wedding décor. Not surprisingly, because most regular human beings in the 21st century are inseparable from their smartphone. Many couples (and businesses) have capitalized on that phenomenon by using technology to encourage guests to actively participate in the celebrations, share the event with loved ones who were unable to make it and collect the hundreds of candid pictures taken by the guests during the celebration. Used right, smartphones can make your wedding special and save you money. But more often than not, smartphones are taking over weddings. Here are a few reasons couples are saying no to smartphones and tips for saying yes to an unplugged wedding. Never miss a moment Weddings are special occasions and most of us want to capture and share every single moment of it. However, just like everyday life, if you are………