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Boudoir Photography: self-expression, empowerment and a little nudity

Boudoir photography is more popular than ever. A seasoned boudoir photographer knows how to turn every inch of a body into a masterpiece. The genre is about producing alluring photographs by keeping so much of the body hidden. It’s not about skimpy clothes and odd hand placement, but about self-expression and empowerment. And yes, a little nudity never hurt. Boudoir photography traces its roots back to the 1920s when taking photos of women in a seductive outfit was taboo. Art aficionado Albert Arthur Allen revolutionized the scene by doing just that: depicting regular as well as affluent women naked. His idea was to place all women on an equal footing by stripping them naked, thus giving birth to a whole new genre. Fast forward to today. We live in a time where nothing seems to be taboo and everything goes. So how can photographers keep the genre fresh? By stripping………