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Capturing the future of digital photography.

The art of photography is always evolving and nowadays technological advancement is a main driver behind that. What we may consider innovative today, may be obsolete next week; that’s how quick the advancements are. From the lenses to the hardware, down to the software used. So, what’s in store for the future casual and serious shutterbug? Compact, fast, mobile A purist will insist that wielding the conventional film camera is a fundamental skill any serious photographer must master. And that’s probably true, however the rise and constant development of digital photography in the past two decades has been a game changer. Every time a new product hits the shelves it’s compacter, faster and definitely easier to lug around. As we slowly usher in the age of 4K resolution and drone videography, the introduction of the mirror-less camera is the talk of the town. Set to be superior in functionality and………