Destination weddings: 5 Reasons for choosing a local wedding photographer

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Destination weddings: 5 Reasons for choosing a local wedding photographer

Destination weddings are very popular right now and for good reason. Getting your closest friends and relatives to an exotic destination seems like the perfect way to get married. Of course, you can fly in everything and everyone, but there are plenty of reasons to source your wedding photographer locally. A local photographer can serve you better and is more flexible to work with.

Number 1: no hassle with permits- choose a local photographer

Even though you probably bonded with your photographer during the weeks leading up to your wedding and consider him or her a close friend, local authorities might see things differently. Before you bring along your photographer, ask your wedding coordinator about any permits you might need. Better yet, avoid all the hassle and hire a local.

Number 2: infinite source of knowledge 

A local photographer is the best person to turn to when faced with difficult questions ceremony scheduling. Wedding planners can give you a general indication, however as weather and lighting differs per season and time of day, consulting your local photographer is your best bet. If your destination is in the Caribbean, a late-afternoon wedding usually is a win-win for you and your photographer. Not only is the lighting ideal, it is not too hot out.

Number 3: inside info on ideal spots for a photo shoot

Any good photographer asked to photograph a destination wedding will fly out in advance to scope out the place. The advantage of hiring a local is that he or she might know of a few hidden spots worth your while. Don’t be afraid to venture off site. You probably chose the exotic location for its stunning vistas, so you should take full advantage of the location.

Number 4: more bang for your buck

Instead of paying your photographer’s ticket to the destination, spend that extra cash on hiring a local photographer for a pre-wedding and/or post-wedding photo shoot. Check out the sites your local photographer has chosen for you a few days in advance and take some test shots. If you are not leaving right after the wedding, a post-wedding photo-shoot will be worth it. You will have lots of variety for your wedding album and you can use the additional images for thank you cards. Besides, how often do any of us have the opportunity to be professionally photographed in a stunning location?

Number 5: technology is your friend

If you are concerned whether the local photographer will be a good fit for you, plan one or more Skype sessions with the photographers on your short list. Modern technology lets us connect with people a million miles away the same way we would with anyone sitting right in front of us. Check out our previous blog post for tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer for you here.

Curaçao is a popular destination for brides and grooms to say their I-do’s and has a lot to offer in terms of venues, professional wedding planners and breath-taking backgrounds for dramatic wedding photos. Choose one of the many local photographers to capture your wedding memories with that special local touch.

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