5 Stunning backgrounds on Curaçao

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5 Stunning backgrounds on Curaçao

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however most of us want our wedding pictures to convey more than that. We want our photos to capture the memories as well as show the love, joy and passion the couple has for each other and the promise of forever. Using camera technology and powerful image editing tools, your photographer can manipulate your wedding photos and create truly dramatic and priceless images. However, if you want real out-of-the-box masterpieces, you need equally amazing backgrounds. Luck has it that Curaçao has a lot to offer in that department.

1. Beaches with amazing backgrounds

Curaçao beaches are ideal for weddings as that they are small and intimate, allowing for a more private gathering rather than sharing your wedding with other beachgoers in swimming trunks. If you want to have all the professional trimmings, opt for a beach wedding at a resort like Marriott, Hilton or Santa Barbara Resort. If you’d rather go off the beaten path, ask your wedding coordinator about other beaches that might be suitable for a wedding ceremony, such as Cas Abou.

2. Historical buildings

If you are a sucker for historical buildings, Curaçao is the place to be. Its capital Willemstad is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is divided in two- Punda and Otrobanda- by the natural harbor. If you are the couple that loves grandeur, the well-kept stately mansions with their intricate ornamental facades along the Handelskade are a colorful backdrop for your wedding photos. The historical pontoon bridge connecting Punda and Otrobanda is also a popular site for wedding photography. However, if you prefer the raw, uncensored urban look, schedule a trip with your photographer through Otrobanda and scout for derelict buildings that ooze history and raw passion to give your wedding photos that popular edge.

3. Impressive forts

Curaçao’s coastline is dotted with impressive forts. The most preserved fort is Fort Amsterdam located in Punda where the government is seated. Its vibrant colored exterior and stately courtyard with impressive stairs and canons makes it a beautiful backdrop for wedding pictures. Riffort, located across the harbor in Otrobanda, has been recently renovated and houses shops, restaurants and galleries, seamlessly incorporating the old and the new. However, these are just two of the many forts on the island. Make sure you check out Fort Beekenburg or Fort Nassau before you decide on one location.

4. Lush vegetation

Curaçao has lush vegetation, desert-like landscapes and beautiful rolling hills that can be used as dramatic backgrounds. If you love soft hillsides covered in green grass, Santa Barbara Resort’s golf course is one of a kind. However, if you prefer tall trees and the cool feeling of a forest, Hòfi Pastor in Banda Bou might be the place for you . For golden backgrounds, opt for the fields near the Ostrich Farm, with long grass.

5. Plantation homes

Curaçao has a rich history- some of it great and some of it darker, such as the slave trade. During that time period many of the slave owners build plantation homes that still stand today. Most of them are beautifully renovated and are the perfect setting for romantic pictures. Most of the plantation homes on the west side of the island were built on hills for the vantage point, so your photographer will be able to use the buildings as well as the stunning vistas for greater variety in pictures.

Although Curaçao is but a small island in the Caribbean, the wide variety of stunning views and sites makes it the perfect place for a destination wedding. With many local wedding coordinators and photographers, a wedding on Curaçao is easily organised and the pictures will be worth it.

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