5 Photography styles that are hot right now

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5 Photography styles that are hot right now

Photography styles

Thanks to those rare trailblazers in the wedding industry using technological advancement in photography and powerful image editing tools, conventional wedding pictures seem like a thing of the past. Busy brides-to-be may not have time to stay on top of everything industry professionals are doing, but these are the digital editing styles you need to know about right now. Discuss the possibilities with your photographer.

1. Playful animations:

Animated photographs- in short GIFs- are probably the hottest trend right now. A GIF is multiple frames strung together in post-production to create movement in the photograph. Depending on the shots, the photographer can insert slight movements in the photograph or create the impression of having shot a video. If you are looking for ways to do more with still digital images, ask your photographer if he or she can provide you with these types of photographs. GIFs are a great way to show those bursts of energy throughout the wedding or to announce your engagement online.

2. I <3 Vintage:

For those romantics who can’t get enough of vintage inspired pictures with inspirational quotes that are taking over our virtual world, this technique is worth considering. The vintage process is an effect created in post-production that adds warmer tones (such as reds and yellows or other retro-colors) to the digital photograph when editing. This effect is great for couples who want to create a more modern interpretation of the vintage photography style.

3. Black and white photography style:

In the early days of photography, photographers had no choice but to shoot in black and white. However even with the arrival of color photography, black and white photography flourished. Even today, it is considered by many photographers as the purest form of photography. Basically it’s art. If you love the monochromatic look, ask your photographer about shooting in black and white or adding the effect digitally in post-production.

4. Black and white with a twist:

For the bride and groom looking for a more modern interpretation of the classic black and white photography style, split-toning should be on the list of styles to discuss with the photographer. Split-toning effects apply one color to the dark parts of a black and white picture and a different one to the bright parts. This can be done chemically with film, however the effects of this process can also be emulated with software in digital photography.

5. Bokeh

If you’re planning to have an evening reception, you might want to consider the Bokeh effect on some of your pictures. Bokeh comes from the Japanese word “boke”, which means “blur” or “haze.” The technique results in a pleasing of out-of-focus blur in a photograph. It’s an easy way to add a sweet, personalized touch to a night setting as normally harsh or bright objects (such as decorative lighting) become soft, diffused orbs of glowing light.

Discuss your favourite photography styles with your photographer.

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