Black & White Photography: When Colour Is Overrated

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Black & White Photography: When Colour Is Overrated

black and white photography

Black and white photography

Colour is all around us and it has a profound and undeniable impact on our daily lives. Colour not only attracts us, but it also distracts us. Without colour, our attention is drawn to shapes, forms and light. That is part of the appeal of black and white photographs and what makes it a perfect medium for artistic purposes. It’s also ideal for capturing those precious wedding moments in all their beauty and vividness. Here are five reasons why black and white photography is great for weddings.

1. Tell a profound story


black and white photography

Black and white photography is very special, because such photograps instantly make seemingly ordinary objects a work of art. You might not realize it, but many popular wedding pictures are in fact still life. Typical wedding pictures are the wedding dress hanging by the door waiting to be worn, the shoes sitting neatly by the window and the wedding bands elegantly displayed on a table. Shooting in black and white is very suitable for compositions that have objects or backgrounds with a lot of textures, such as an intricately embroidered wedding dress against a rustic door. Your photographer can work with the light in the room to create images of the bride’s dress, shoes and bouquet that tell a profound story.

2. Create evocative portraits with black and white photography

Most of us can’t stand looking at intimate portraits of ourselves due to those little imperfections that are only noticeable to ourselves. Yet, those small imperfections are exactly what make a black and white portrait exude emotions. Without colour, the attention is focused on the eyes and face of the subject being photographed, making it ideal for shooting portraits of the bride, groom or individual guests. A casual glance can be easily transformed into an evocative portrait you and your guests will cherish forever.

3. Enter a surreal world

Colour photographs depict reality, but black and white pictures are an interpretation of reality. You can add a little drama and surrealism to your wedding, without actually having to invite that drama queen friend or crazy uncle, by simply stripping away the colour in your wedding pictures. Photographers can work with shapes, tones and light to create dreamy, surrealistic images or dramatic, powerful images. Talk to your photographer about the feel you are looking to create.

4. Make it all about the composition

Black and white photographs are very suitable for couples that want to make their surroundings a centre character in the picture. Without colour, attention is drawn to the shapes, forms and light of the composition in the landscape. As textures are enhanced in black and white photographs, using old buildings with beautifully weathered surfaces as a background can create that timeless photograph we are all looking for.

5. No such thing as ‘poor light’

One of the first things you should discuss with your photographer is the timing of your photo shoot on your big day. Most of us are familiar with the so-called ‘golden hour’, however there is little we can do when the weather suddenly turns against us on our big day. The beauty of shooting in black and white is than it excels in low contrast situations such as overcast days. Shooting in black and white means no more complaining about poor light, but seizing the moment even on those dark, gloomy days.

Black and white images are such a refreshing change, because colour is in abundance all around us. However, if colour is an intrinsic part of your wedding and you don’t want to commit to only black and white photographs, there is a way out. Most professional photographers shoot RAW images anyway, so your photographer can easily convert colour images into black and white in post-production.

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