Meet Theo Meijer’s A-team: Yut-Mie and the two Js

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Meet Theo Meijer’s A-team: Yut-Mie and the two Js

The Team

Theo Meijer is one of Curaçao’s best-known wedding photographers. He is versatile and can shoot pretty much in any genre; from landscape to portraits. Although he is able to fly solo, he prefers to bring along a second pair of eyes and second mind for instant feedback, troubleshooting and inspiration. More often than not Theo brings along Yut-Mie Sint Hill or Jayant “Jay” Jhingoeri as his second shooter and highly recommends his favourite make-up artist, Jouraine “Jenny” Ricardo. Meet Theo’s A-team!

Make-up, lights, camera, action!

Jenny, one of the A-team members has over 20 years of hands-on experience with make-up and applying it. “Make-up and beautiful brows are a part of my everyday life. You could say it’s a hobby that’s got a bit out of hand,” she says jokingly. “I started giving make-up demonstrations when I was 15. Winning several beauty pageants when I was younger, including Miss Teenage 1992 and Miss Curaçao 1998, opened many doors for me. I had the privilege of training with the Venezuelan make-up artist Nacho Marin and several American as well as local make-up artists.” Jenny is an all-rounder and can create any look. “My clients come to me for weddings, concerts, parties, carnival, you name it. I’m super busy all the time, but I love it!”

Going for seconds

As the lead photographer on his gigs, Theo knows that you can edit and deliver tons of good photos on your own, but together you can give an impressive presentation without the added pressure. As an added bonus, Theo finds it is much more fun and inspiring to collaborate. Yut-Mie, a self-taught photographer and one of Theo’s favourite second shooters, knows that assisting is probably the best training she can get. “Theo knows what he’s doing, moreover he can explain it to me in a way that I can easily understand.” Even though Yut-Mie has a very demanding day job, she spends most of her free time taking pictures simply because she enjoys it. “Practice makes perfect and I learn a lot while taking behind-the-scenes shots as Theo’s second shooter. Theo is very skilled at giving directions to his clients. He instinctively knows which poses would suit them. I know that as a photographer it isn’t easy to connect with your subject. It’s a skill that is developed over time and by observing others. Besides, it always amazes me how he manages to bring out the crazy in most of his subjects,” she says.

Jay, another of Theo’s A-team members, hasn’t been shooting weddings long. “About five years ago, I saw an uncle of mine wielding his huge DSLR camera and I had this overwhelming urge to just hold it in my hands. A few months later I got my very own DSLR for my birthday. I learned the basics from online tutorials. Through social media I came in contact with another photographer and I started shooting fashion.” Theo was definitely one of his biggest inspirations as a photographer and for the past year, Jay has dedicated himself to the art of wedding photography. “I love shooting weddings, because it’s a day filled with happy emotions. And to me, capturing those emotions is the most rewarding of it all.”

The Master of the Light

To Yut-Mie, good composition and perfect light are key to stunning images. “I love pictures that pop-up like 3D images and that can only be accomplished with good light settings. Theo knows how to use the light to create breath-taking images. I jokingly call him the ‘Master of the Light’,” she says. “He is also very professional in everything he does and exceptionally good at connecting with his subjects. That is what makes a great photograph. If you don’t connect with your subject, you will only get a nice shot.” Jenny agrees: “Theo is adorable. He always greets me with a smile and a kiss on my cheek. He is a dedicated professional, a funny guy and too good with the camera. I love his work and I love working with him even more!” Just to add the male perspective, Jay says: “It’s just fun working with Theo. He is always in a good mood and never stresses me out with deadlines and such. I really enjoy working with him!”


(Picture of Yut-Mie Sint Hill shown above is by G. Sint Hill)

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