5 Reasons to hire a professional wedding planner

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5 Reasons to hire a professional wedding planner

Marilse Statie-Texeira Brazao is a certified wedding and event planner, and a honeymoon and destination wedding specialist. She’s the owner of Celebrations! and caters to a wide variety of events, including religious initiation events, corporate events, funerals, weddings and vow renewals. According to Marilse the job comes with many perks, including an avenue for her boundless creativity and the satisfaction of seeing their clients happy and making memories. “I love weddings, because they are romantic once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Hearing the couple and their guests confirm they enjoyed their day is such a rush. It makes all the energy we put in prepping and executing the event worth it.” So why hire an experienced wedding planner? Marilse gives us five reasons.

1. Stress-free planning

A weddings is supposed to be once-in-a-lifetime event and it’s understandable that some brides want to make it as special as they can. However, without the necessary skills, planning your own wedding spells disaster. “A good wedding planner has a proven method for planning each type of event, which means common pitfalls will be avoided. Trust the planner to define a timeline, draft an itinerary for the day, put a contingency plan together and guide you through the entire process.”

2. The right connections and expertise

Choosing the right vendor for the job is essential and a wedding planner can help you distinguish between the areas professional help is needed and the areas you can do yourself. “For example, photography is best left to the professionals. People are hesitant to pay the fee, however you’ll be glad you did when you compare the images to the under- or overexposed ones your nephew took.” Your wedding planner knows the strength and weaknesses of vendors in the industry, which is crucial in finding the right vendor. “Locally there are enough capable vendors, often matching and sometimes exceeding the service levels you’ll find in bigger markets,” Marilse says. The key is to know what needs to be left to the professionals and who does what best. That’s where a planner comes in handy.

3. Keeping to a budget

An experienced wedding planner will translate a couple’s wishes into a workable budget and help you stick to it. “We often know what percentage of the budget should be allocated to the most important areas, resulting in a realistic budget,” says Marilse. Besides, you’ll save big by engaging the guidance of an expert and not trying to reinvent the wheel. “Hiring a wedding planner is often considered an expense, but should be viewed as an investment. The time and money you’ll save is worth the cost of hiring an experienced planner.”

4. Smooth sailing

Even if you want to do all the planning, hiring an experienced planner for the same day coordination is essential to the success of your event. A detailed itinerary can make or break your wedding day. Besides, your vendors will thank you for it. According to Theo Meijer he produces his best work if his clients provide him with an itinerary. Marilse adds: “Your photographer needs to know what’s going to happen to capture the moment in the right amount of detail. Theo Meijer ranks in the absolute top. He is punctual, aware of his surroundings and works according to the itinerary. His dedication and professionalism are surpassed only by his flexibility towards the client and the quality of his pictures. And of course, we have lots of fun together!”

5. An enhanced experience

According to Marilse having a wedding planner at least take care of the coordination with the vendors on the big day, instead of the bridesmaids or other loved ones, enhances the experience for the couple. “There are always little things to attend to on the big day. You don’t want yourself, your family members or your close friends stressing about minor details. You want them to experience your beautiful day with you to the fullest extent possible.”

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