The 6 biggest wedding Do’s and Don’ts

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The 6 biggest wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding planning is often a very time-consuming business and some couples prefer to leave the details to the pros. But even with a top-notch wedding planner by your side, there are some pitfalls you might want to avoid along the way.

We turned to the event planning couple, Gwen and Ryan, from Unique Planners for the 6 biggest do’s and don’ts of nuptials. The duo knows a thing or two about wedding planning. They have planned local as well as destination weddings and vow renewals for over seven years now. In addition to a full planning service, they also offer same day coordination and consultation meetings. “We are always thrilled to be an integral part of our clients’ most memorable day. It’s such an honour.”

1. DO trust your wedding planner

Although you might not know your wedding planner that well at first, trust that you’ve done your research and that you’ve made a great choice. With more than 150 weddings and vow renewals planned, Unique Planners knows that trust between the couple and the planner is crucial. What makes Gwen and Ryan stand out from the crowd is that both the bride and groom must attend all meetings together to discuss their individual wishes. “We create the perfect blend between the wishes of both the bride and groom. We make it a flawless day for both of them. So don’t be afraid to be open with your planner. A planner requires complete transparency in order to serve you effectively.”

2. DON’T let any unforeseen circumstances ruin your day

It can happen that on your wedding day things simply don’t go according to plan. Think dress malfunction, sudden illness, car trouble and so on. Remember that getting married is much more than the wedding. It’s about the next chapter in the story of you. “Customer satisfaction is how we measure the success of our events. We aim to please each client and from the feedback we receive we’re doing a decent job so far. However, couples should remember that, despite any hiccups, if at the end of the wedding they married the person they love, it was a perfect wedding.”

3. DO express your gratitude

Your closest friends and family will most likely want to be involved in the wedding preparations, which is great as they can make the entire experience feel so much more special. So don’t be shy to take a moment and give thanks to those who have made your wedding day possible. “Pray, meditate or thank them in a speech. You can also send them a thank you card expressing your gratitude.” Whatever you decide, show your appreciation in a way that is truly you.

4. DON’T make any plans the week before the wedding

Aside from going to the salon and showing up at the wedding rehearsal, Unique Planners recommends to take it easy the week before the wedding. After all, you’ve hired a professional to take care of the last minute details. “Over the past five years our business has grown to the point where we rely on eight assistants to ensure a flawless day for our clients and their guests. With the assistance of a professional planner to coordinate your big day, you will be able to relax and enjoy every single moment of your wedding.”

5. DO invite only the people you love and care about

In the olden days when parents footed the bill, weddings were much more a party for them than for the couple. Make sure you state clearly how many guests each parent is allowed to invite and ask them to submit a guest list in the order of priority. “The guest list is the most crucial budget enhancer, so the bride and groom should consider whether it is worth it to have their dad’s softball team or their mom’s orchid club at the wedding.”

6. DON’T postpone your honeymoon

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get time off work or afford to go to an exotic location, try to spend the first few days of marriage together. “Most newlyweds are exhausted at the end of the wedding day, however do try to muster up enough energy and enthusiasm to make your honeymoon memorable. Your honeymoon is the very start of your married life together so make it a honeymoon worth remembering.”

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