Playing nice: why your wedding photographer and videographer should get along

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Playing nice: why your wedding photographer and videographer should get along

It’s the happiest day of your life. You’ve prepped and stressed about every single detail and now the big day is finally here. The weather is perfect and you’ve made sure the in-laws are getting along. And then, the earlier tension between your wedding photographer and videographer vying for the same camera angles, is threatening to become a full-blown war! Result: less than stellar pictures and incomplete footage. “For me, there is only one videographer that gets it and that’s Vio Sambo,” says Theo Meijer.

Viliomar Sambo, best known as Vio Sambo and co-owner at Vio Sambo Films, has been telling stories with videos ever since he was young. “We used to go on organised trips abroad a lot when I was young. I would film the entire trip, edit the footage at home and give each of the group members a DVD as a keepsake,” says Vio. In April 2013 he started Vio Sambo Films and has been filming and editing wedding videos, infomercials, corporate commercials, parties and events professionally ever since.

Although weddings are his favourite, Vio knows that there can exist a natural tension between a wedding photographer and videographer. “Neither one of us wants to miss the first look, the first kiss and so on,” he says. “We are both under pressure from the bride to shoot the same once-in-a-lifetime experience. Good chemistry and communication is key.” So, what are Vio’s top tips for creating that synergy between your photographer and videographer?

Ask about their modus operandi

Before you make your final decision on who is going to shoot your wedding, ask your vendors about how they work and what they need to do the best job they can. While your photographer may be working with a single camera and a back-up camera, your videographer will most likely be setting up multiple cameras. “We usually film an event using three cameras, so we have shots from three different angles. It is important to communicate the camera positions to the photographer in order to make sure he or she doesn’t appear in our footage,” says Vio.


Choose your vendors wisely and make sure they are excellent communicators like Vio and Theo. Before every wedding, Vio contacts the photographer to explain his plan for shooting the event. “We always try to team up with the photographer, because in the end we both want to accomplish the same goal. And that is for the bride to be happy with our final products. That’s why we love to work with Theo Meijer. He is a professional photographer, but very fun and crazy! Although he gets in the way sometimes, he is very considerate when it comes to our needs. There is such good chemistry between us!”

 Make the introductions

The easiest way to ensure your wedding photographer and videographer work as a team is to, well, hire a team. Ask the vendors you are interviewing who they love to work with and give their recommendations serious thought. If you choose to hire two vendors who have never worked together, make sure they meet before the wedding and talk through the shots and angles they need. Often both would need the same shots, so it is important for all parties involved to be able to agree on some basic positions. “For example, when the bride is about to put on her dress we both need to find positions where the photographer is not in our shots and the other way around,” says Vio. Vio recommends for the wedding photographer and videographer to shoot details of the wedding together.

If you are in the market for a great wedding photographer-videographer team, consider asking Theo Meijer Photography and Vio Sambo Films. They will capture all the details and beauty of your day in a unobtrusive way.

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