Also about him: 5 ways you can contribute to your wedding as a groom

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Also about him: 5 ways you can contribute to your wedding as a groom


When it comes to wedding planning, the first thing most well-meaning in-laws and friends tell you is that as a groom you should stay out of the way and let your bride plan the wedding. That may have been sound advice when Elvis was still alive, but being the wonderful guy that you are you want to be equally involved in planning the wedding. Which is great, because a wedding should be about the couple and not just the bride. Granted, the groom could care less whether the doilies are cream or eggshell, however there are many areas in which your male expertise would come in handy. We are just naming a few.

1. The guest list

When you think about it, a wedding is just like any other party. Invite the right people and you’re going to have a blast no matter what. You probably have plenty of experience when it comes to partying, so use those skills to help compile the perfect guest list. Include your comrades and exclude that obnoxious neighbour.

2. The budget of the groom

You don’t have to be a wiz when it comes to numbers, however if you like things to add up and dislike throwing away money on frivolous things, take charge of the budget. Insist that your bride not spend the entire wedding budget on her dress, because you know she will look amazing in any dress. Just be fair when she reminds you that you are, in fact, not a celebrity and that you will not need to charter a private jet for your bachelor party. Fly commercial instead.

3. The entertainment

Your future wife might not entirely agree, however you know you have superior taste in music. Why not show off your skills by taking the lead in the search for your wedding band or DJ? As an added bonus, you can have them play all your favourite songs so you can show everyone those killer moves you have been practicing.

4. The booze

Even though the outside world may think you and your buddies are simple alcohol-guzzling dudes, in reality you are very sophisticated in your choice of drinks. You know exactly what your mates and their plus-ones like to drink, so you’ll be the best person to talk to the caterer about the bar. Just don’t go too crazy on the premium drinks. Keep that budget in mind.

5. The food

Teeny, tiny portions of unidentifiable food on huge plates scare you? Step in and search for the caterer that can please you food-wise, but still present the dishes in an elegant manner. Caterers nowadays can offer decent portions of tasty dishes like mac-and-cheese, fried chicken and burgers and present them in a sophisticated manner. That will keep your guests going for hours on the dance floor.

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