Equally wed: planning your same-sex wedding on Curaçao

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Equally wed: planning your same-sex wedding on Curaçao

Although same-sex marriage is not currently recognized under the law in Curaçao, the island is internationally known as accepting with its large LGBTQ community, pride parades, gay bars and venues and magazines catering to the specific interest of the community. You can safely hold your sweetie’s hand in public and there are many options for those looking to bless their same-sex union on the island. If you’re unsure how to go about planning your ceremony on the island, use below guide as your starting point.

Hash out a few details in advance

Most couples, whether same-sex or not, are rethinking traditions and putting their own twist on things. Especially if they are considering a destination wedding and wanting to incorporate some of the local customs on Curaçao in the entire event. There is no set formula for a wedding, so let your creativity guide you. Planning on walking down the aisle? Being two grooms or two brides means twice the fun. Walk side by side, each escorted by the mother or father. Love the ‘we are gathered here today’ speech? Let a notary, a spiritual leader or gifted speaker lead the ceremony instead of a priest.

Who pays for what?

No matter your sexuality, money will almost always be an issue. Destination weddings can be expensive for the couple as well as the guests. Make sure the estimated cost fits your budget as well as your guests. Talk about who can contribute to the wedding and figure out what they can afford, before you start sending out save-the-dates and book the tickets.

Hire a local wedding planner

The next step is hiring a local wedding planner. Wedding planners aren’t hired to judge you, so be open with them about your unique situation from the beginning. Not only will they be able to infuse your celebration with their creativity, you can use them as your guide in some of the trickier situations. Your wedding planner can answer any questions you may have about gay friendly venues and vendors on the island. They can connect you with a legal counsel who will be able to advise you on what is legally permitted on the island regarding making the marriage official. They can also give you helpful suggestions based on other same-sex weddings they’ve organized in the past. Most importantly, they can give you an indication of how much your wedding is going to really cost.

Make it ‘official’ anyway

We all know marriage is more than just a piece of paper. Joining two lives can mean anything from moving in together, opening a joint bank account to including each other in wills. However, sometimes that piece of paper, if denied, can mean the world. The good news is that there are other ways to make your union official. Why not write up a relationship agreement that outlines your commitment to each other and have a local notary notarize it as part of your ceremony? Ask your wedding planner to put you in contact with a notary or legal counsel.

Honeymoon where you wed

The great thing about a destination wedding on Curaçao is that you don’t need to search for a gay friendly honeymoon destination. Plan a few fun days with your guests before the wedding and take time after the wedding to spend with your significant other. Bake all day in the sun on the beach, explore the island or hit the town at night. Whatever you do, make sure it’s with your significant other!



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