Unplugged weddings: couples are saying no to weddings through a viewfinder

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Unplugged weddings: couples are saying no to weddings through a viewfinder


Over the past few years, smartphones have become a regular part of any wedding décor. Not surprisingly, because most regular human beings in the 21st century are inseparable from their smartphone. Many couples (and businesses) have capitalized on that phenomenon by using technology to encourage guests to actively participate in the celebrations, share the event with loved ones who were unable to make it and collect the hundreds of candid pictures taken by the guests during the celebration. Used right, smartphones can make your wedding special and save you money. But more often than not, smartphones are taking over weddings. Here are a few reasons couples are saying no to smartphones and tips for saying yes to an unplugged wedding.

Never miss a moment

Weddings are special occasions and most of us want to capture and share every single moment of it. However, just like everyday life, if you are experiencing the event through the viewfinder on your smartphone, you will miss out on many fun things going on around you. Your tiny little screen is unable to capture the smell of the flowers, the happy sighs of the guests caught up in the moment, the groom’s crooked smile and the love radiating from the bride’s eyes like your senses can.

No more distractions

The main reason why couples invite guests to their wedding is to celebrate the joyous occasion with their loved ones. The reality is that most of repay that kindness by taking out our smartphones and click away every chance we get. As a guest, you may be too busy clicking and uploading to realize that what you see on your screen is nothing like what the couple sees. Instead of seeing the smiling faces of their loved ones, couples are distracted by the tiny flashes and the blue light emitting from the tiny screens as photos and videos are being uploaded and witty comments are being tweeted.

Let the professionals do their jobs

Having a camera on your phone doesn’t make you a professional photographer or videographer. Yes, you may get plenty of likes online and the couple may rely on photos taken by their guests for when the professionals are not around. And that’s fine, but leave the big moments to the professionals. Couples are increasingly choosing unplugged weddings, because of overzealous guests that get in the way of the photographer and videographer. There’s no rule against being front and center as a guest, just remember that the couple will be less impressed with their wedding photographs if all they see are backs and phones.

Less sharing = better

We all understand that social media rewards those who can get closest to the action first. Likes are given to those with the best angles, funniest videos and fastest uploads. As a guest, give the couple some space to decide whether they want their intimate moments all over the internet. There’s nothing wrong with uploading one photo booth picture the day of, however resist the temptation of putting every single moment online as they are happening. Before you attend the wedding, ask the couple what their thought are on sharing their wedding online and whether they have a closed group or app for phot sharing.

Say yes to unplugged weddings

As a couple, decide whether you want a fully unplugged wedding or whether only the ceremony is off limits. If you’re opting for 100% unplugged, ask your photographer to have a few photos ready the next day for guests to share online. If you’re choosing half-and-half, communicate clearly to your guests when it’s ok to get their devices out. Whatever the couple deems ok, as a guest be courteous to the bride and groom and turn off your device at least during the ceremony. Not only will you enjoy the wedding more, there will be plenty of moments to tweet about during the reception.

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