Gentlemen, trash the suit!

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Gentlemen, trash the suit!


trash the suit

A lot has been written about the symbolic way to conclude the wedding that is known as ‘trash the dress’ (check out our post here). Although the groom is also featured in most trash the dress photo shoots, the name basically says it all. It’s about the dress and the woman in it. But why should girls have all the fun? Guys, it’s time to let loose and join your gal in trashing your wedding outfit. And the best thing about this new tradition is that gay grooms can finally join in on the fun as well! So, gentlemen, trash the suit!

Your shoot, your vision

Most men, whether straight or gay, aren’t as verbal about their wishes as their female peers. However, if you want stunning pictures you need to create a vision and express it clearly for your photographer to be able to bring it to life. Is the romantic in you longing for a beach scene? Or is the rugged dude in you wanting some mechanical horsepower in the background? Nothing is off-limits. Your photographer isn’t hired to judge you, so lay it bare.

Trash the suit

Brides usually have a basic understanding of the realities of the wedding dress. There aren’t many occasions to wear it again. Grooms may have different ideas about their tux, as there are many more occasions that call for formal wear. Don’t let that hold you back, though. The whole idea of the shoot is to trash the suit, so don’t be afraid to get wet or dirty. Make it count. Unless you’re planning on burning your suit with you in it, usually one trip to the dry cleaners is enough to restore the tux to its formal glory.

Hire professionals

Most men wouldn’t be caught dead wearing make-up, however often your handsome self won’t translate on film without a little help. Consult a stylist for the best looks for your location or scene. By the way, this photo shoot is the perfect opportunity for you to change the look of your wedding outfit. Leave your dress watch at home and take your dive watch instead. Perhaps you want to toss those shiny shoes in favor of sneakers. Rough up your hairstyle a bit. Talk to you stylist and photographer about your ideas.

Share the limelight

If you’re not quite ready for a solo shoot, plan a ‘trash the wedding outfits’ shoot with your significant other instead. Make sure you come to a shared vision, before you meet with your photographer and stylist (and make-up artist for her). Talk about the locations, scenes and poses each of you want and make sure you communicate clearly to your photographer where the focus should be.

But most importantly, have fun!

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