Get crazy during La Hora Loca wedding trend!

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Get crazy during La Hora Loca wedding trend!

The new wedding trend

Why not kick your wedding up a notch with a fun new trend taking off? It’s known as La Hora

Loca, Spanish for “The Crazy Hour,” and it’s essentially an hour-long show comprised of guests

wearing flashy, gaudy outfits meant to turn heads and spread infectious energy. Over the

course of “The Crazy Hour,” party hats, glowing lights, and masks are distributed to help

encourage guests to dance and live it up! La Hora Loca is a great and creative, off-kilter way to

dismantle the traditional take on a wedding, cut loose and have some uninhibited fun.

La Hora Loca

La Hora Loca is a wedding trend gaining popularity and crossing cultures, first beginning in

Spain and crossing over to Latin and South America before becoming popular right here at

home. Many weddings taking place on the island incorporate La Hora Loca in their wedding

receptions. It’s become so popular, because La Hora Loca lights a fire under wedding guests,

often taking place toward the end of the evening when fuses are burning out and a crazy, fun

hour of unbridled enthusiasm is the perfect solution to start closing out the evening, ending on a

good note.

Capturing the funny moments

If you are considering La Hora Loca for your own wedding, your photographer can work with

you and your La Hora Loca production team to come up with some great shots and angles for

wedding pictures. “The Crazy Hour” is a great opportunity for you to capture such unique

wedding photos sure to make you laugh and smile for years to come. That photo of your first

dance with the person you’ve just committed the rest of your life to will sit atop your mantle and

conjure up sentimental memories for the rest of your life. But, you may also be lucky enough to

have those crazy awesome La Hora Loca dance photos tucked away in an album and can pull

those out when you need and deserve a great laugh. Weddings are multi-purposed: exchange

your vows and ceremonially wed the person you love, and have the greatest party of your entire

life to celebrate that love! Incorporating La Hora Loca into your wedding and having your

photographer take those photos will showcase all the facets of your love and the bond you

share with everyone involved with and attending your wedding.


Taking the best shots

There are so many options for pictures to take during the La Hora Loca. Wide angle shots can

showcase the full ceremony in all its glory, showing off all the dancers, glow sticks,

headdresses, and masks. Closeup shots will capture the utter delight on the faces of everyone

participating, freezing that pure joy in a photograph forever. For something unique, you can

incorporate different lighting options during “The Crazy Hour”. Tube lights can create a soft glow

effect, fluorescent tubes even add a crazy, magic shadow-filling property to certain shots. With a

combination of black lights and glow sticks, your pictures will be bursting with a glorious festival

of colors perfectly entwined with the joyous, unhinged expressions of everyone cutting loose

during La Hora Loca. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the only limit to what you

can do is your own imagination. Combining the skills of your photographer with a fun mix of

lighting to give your pictures extra color and vibrancy during “The Crazy Hour” where you let go

of everything for a little while and celebrate life is an invaluable element to any wedding.

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