Taking it slow: add a slow motion video booth to your wedding

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Taking it slow: add a slow motion video booth to your wedding



One of the newest trends taking off right now, when it comes to weddings that is, is the use of a (slow motion) video booth. These can be similar to a photo booth (read more about it here), though the obvious difference is that movement and speech is captured versus a still photograph. Video booths can be fun, cute, hilarious, and even touching. They can also be utilized in different ways; for instance, some video booths can project the videos onto a big screen for other guests to watch, breaking the ice and making it easier to open up conversations between guests who might not know each other well. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to utilize a video booth for your wedding, below we detail a few reasons you might want to consider it.

Video booths are fun!

Similar to photo booths, guests can get wacky and crazy, do silly things and have fun interacting. When the clips are played back for other people to see, it’s a great way to initiate conversation: “I loved that pirate hat you tried on, that should totally be your new look!”

Unique memories

Since guests have the chance to move and have their performances and antics captured on video, it opens up the opportunity for unique memories to be captured. Whereas in a photo booth, you might get a snapshot of two people hugging, a video booth gives you a few seconds of those same two people making silly faces at each other and then hugging, just adding an extra element of life and laughter to the moment itself.

Easy to share!

Once the video clips are captured and produced, you can easily share them on social media, much like photographs. But video clips can be especially enjoyable for people unable to attend as the movement and animation in the videos makes it feel more like they were actually there with you.

Awesome shots-wedding

Imagine capturing a kiss in a photograph while using a photo booth, and compare that to a five second clip of two people passionately cradling each other’s faces and going in for a romantic kiss totally worthy of Oscar gold. Which would you like better? The great thing about most video booths is you actually do have the ability to take photos as well as video.

Eliminate boring videos

While it’s certainly true that some wedding videos caught on smartphone are enjoyable, and professional videography at weddings is often top-notch, it doesn’t mean they’re all something you want to spend minutes or hours watching. A professional videographer will deliver a high quality video to you, but what if you just wanted to see a short clip of your first dance with your new bride or groom? Sometimes you just want to skip ahead to the good parts, and a video booth makes it easy to just capture those short, funny, memorable moments between people.

Video booths are a fun and unique trend to consider for any wedding. They provide a different and interesting way to capture memories, allowing guests to get silly or sentimental, dress up, dance and perform for a few seconds in front of a camera, fully embracing and displaying the spirit of the wedding itself. Plus, you basically get to star in and produce your own music video. How cool is that?

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