The ultimate gift for the holidays

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The ultimate gift for the holidays



We are fast entering the holiday season with Sinterklaas right around the corner and Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year a bit further down the line. And not to mention the lucky few who are celebrating their birthdays amidst the holiday chaos. In the next few weeks most of us will travers busy streets and shops in search of the perfect gift for our loved ones, while picking up a few nice things for ourselves and our homes. But what do you get someone who already has everything? A professional photo shoot of course! Here’s why.

1. Affordable gift

The holidays are expensive enough and professional doesn’t equal expensive. For smaller budgets, we would suggest booking a mini-photo shoot with a limited quantity of pictures. Or, instead of giving everyone individual gifts, you can set up a group photo shoot for friends or family. One gift makes everyone happy.

2. Endless possibilities

Photo shoots are the ultimate gift, because you can personalize it for basically anyone. For that shy friend, book a sexy boudoir photo shoot to boost her confidence. Together with her gift voucher, give her a few inexpensive props for the day of the shoot. For the selfie obsessed sibling, book a portrait shoot to add to his selfie collection. Finally, a reason for him to leave the selfie-stick at home! For that sweet family who can never seem to make the time for each other, book a nice family photo shoot on the beach. It will be like a mini-vacation and a great few hours to spend quality time together.

3. It’s about the memories

In an age where it’s easy to order everything – from tailor-made dresses to high-tech gadgets – with just a click of a button and get it delivered right to your door, we have all the stuff we need exactly the way we want it. Impress your loved ones by joining the photo shoot and use the time to make lasting memories. If it’s more appropriate to not be in the pictures, that’s ok too. Either way the photo shoot will be an unforgettable gift to your loved ones.

Make your gift this holiday season memorable by giving a photo shoot by a professional photographer. Ask your favorite photographer whether he or she issues gift vouchers and if not, make one yourself and once your loved one confirms the day he or she is available for the shoot, you book and pre-pay the shoot. Easy!

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