This Year’s Hottest Wedding Trends

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This Year’s Hottest Wedding Trends

The year 2019 promises to be an exciting year for everyone working in the wedding industry. With a vast array of options out there, we are seeing more and more that brides and grooms are letting go of conventions and embracing the personalized wedding trends. So what’s hot in 2019?

A personal affair

Last year couples were incorporating more personal details into their weddings and experts predict that this year they will be upping the ante. From DIY gifts for the guests to the invitations and the entertainment provided at the reception. It’s all getting injected with personal touches by the bride and groom. More emphasis will be put on the décor, where design elements will definitely be incorporated.

Outdoor & secluded-one of the hottest wedding trends

wedding trends

Gone are the usual big hotel conference halls type weddings. Couples are increasingly avoiding cookie-cutter locations and looking for venues that are a little bit more secluded with plenty of outdoor space. On Curaçao less frequented locations in Banda Bou are becoming more popular: wedding ceremonies are held on small, secluded beaches and pittoresque churches on the west side of the island are becoming increasingly popular.

Healthy meal options 

New year resolutions to eat healthier in 2019 are probably actually going to be successful as brides and grooms are increasingly scrutinizing the available menus provided by caterers and demanding healthy options for their guests. Bites and smaller portions are gaining popularity over long, decadent sit-down dinners. Love eating quinoa and kale in every shape and form? You’ll probably be able to concoct new combinations together with your favorite caterer for your big day.

The more theatrical, the better

Photographers and videographers are going to have a blast capturing weddings in 2019. Themed weddings continue to be popular this year and it looks like brides and grooms are spicing things up with more inspiration from the theater. Expect bold colors, great use of lighting and a few men and women on stilts to entertain the guests. For those wanting to embrace the circus slash acrobatic theme, Curaçao boasts many theatre groups that are able to wow your guests with bold performances.

Planning a wedding soon? Make sure you book your photographer in advance. Discuss your ideas with him so he’ll be able to capture all those personal touches on your wedding day!

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