How to be the perfect groomsman

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How to be the perfect groomsman

Some of you out there may have been dreaming of being a groomsman all your life, but for most of you the possibility thereof has never even crossed your mind. Best man? Maybe. Groomsman? You’re not even sure what a groomsman does. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Your responsibility as the groomsmangroomsman

In a nutshell, the groomsman assists the groom with everything that needs to be done for the upcoming nuptials. Although the best man may be taking the lead on most things, the groomsmen are there to help out. Don’t underestimate your value, after all, the groom and the best man are just two people who can’t be everywhere at once. So if you are asked to help out with logistics, transportation or even the budget make sure you understand what is expected of you and carry out your duties like a trustworthy gentleman would.

How to prep for the job

Just imagine how much time and effort goes into pulling together a simple Super Bowl party: you check your TV and sound system multiple times and upgrade where necessary and those chips, dips and beer don’t magically appear. Now imagine organizing a much larger and more sophisticated gathering. Yup, you’ve guessed it. You need to be physically and mentally fit for it. You need to learn how to schedule your time to fit in all the odd jobs that need to be done as well as the main tasks you’ve been asked to take care of. So put on you game face and score that touchdown!

It’s also about money management

You’ve probably heard the groom-to-be complain about it a few times by now: weddings are expensive. And that isn’t only true for the couple getting married, the wedding party (which you are a part of) also needs to invest a little bit of money for the big day. Make sure your finances are in order way ahead of time, so you have the ability to pay for your clothing, hop on the fun train that is the bachelor party and tag along whenever there are pre- and post-wedding celebrations without having to beg for cash or missing out due to an empty bank account.

When the going gets tough…

Yes, it’s going to be fun spending lots of time with your buddies planning the wedding and the bachelor party. Not to mention the bridesmaids you’ll get to meet and hang out with. But trust us when we say that at some point or another, the stress is going to get to you. If you are overwhelmed, imagine how the groom must feel! In those difficult moments it’s imperative to remember that it’s all for a good cause. Remember that the big day everyone is frantically working towards, is a celebration of the next step in your loved one’s life.

If you want an idea of what’s in store for you leading up to the big day, check out our blog post regarding the best man’s responsibilities by clicking here.

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