Insights into photography: 5 must-have gear for every wedding photographer

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Insights into photography: 5 must-have gear for every wedding photographer

  • Professional photographer bag

In a stolen moment you might have noticed the wedding photographer in between shots. He or she is lugging around multiple cameras or digging in several pieces of luggage. Ever wondered what photographers carry in those big black bags? We’re lifting a tip of the veil!


Every photographer needs some essentials to take those stunning pictures. We’re talking about adapters, spare batteries and tripods. What each photographer considers essential, of course, depends on his or her style and the needs of the bride and groom. Those cameras you see the photographer lugging around the venue? They need to be stored safely for transportation too!

 All types of lenses

Depending on the couple’s requirements, the photographer may need a few different types of lenses. Just like cameras, the lenses need to be stored carefully before transporting them to and from the venue. At the venue, the lenses need to be handled with care as well and kept dust free.

 Calling cards

No professional photographer will use a gig to actively stalk potential clients, however like any business owner a professional photographer will carry his or her calling card everywhere he or she goes. Of course, calling cards won’t account for those big bags photographers take along to gigs, but you can bet one pocket will hold calling cards.

 Drone equipment

Many photographers are branching out into the world of aerial photography. So it’s likely that one of those big bags houses drones and related equipment. Whether the photographer is taking shots from the ground or up in the air, his or her unique point of view, great eye for composition and other essential photography skills are still required. Curious about how aerial photography can give your wedding pictures a unique twist? Check out our blog post about aerial photography here.

 Video editing rig

Many weddings that feature a photo booth have the option for the guests to take home the printed picture as a keepsake. In that case, the photographer manning the booth would need a video editing rig and printing equipment to be able to minimally edit the photographs and print the pictures on the spot. However, even if there is no photo booth at the wedding, many couples arrange for a selection of pictures to be showed on large screens in the reception hall, which would require some editing from the photographer. Want to read more about photo booths? Check out our previous blog post here.

Want to know more about what your photographer will bring to your wedding? It’s easy to find out. Simply have a quick chat with your photographer about the equipment he or she needs to capture your wedding according to your specifications. Make sure you inquire with the venue whether your photographer will have a safe place to store spare equipment.

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