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The Wedding Playlist

the wedding playlist

Mr. D.J., play that song! All you need to know about the wedding playlist

Imagine your big day. Your bride is standing just a few feet away ready to walk down the aisle. The music starts and you take a deep breath. This is it. Everything is perfect and soon she’ll be the Mrs. The mood at a wedding doesn’t just happen. Music makes it happen. That’s why you need to focus on the wedding playlist. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

The role of music

Music plays a significant part in most people’s daily lives. One single song can lift you up, take you back in time, help you focus as well as create the perfect mood for whatever you’re planning. The same goes with the playlist on your wedding day. Think about how you want to experience your big day- are you going for streams of tears, silliness and laughter or a more serene environment? Or all of the above? Once you’ve determined how you want you and your guests to feel, make a selection of music that do just that.

The right selection

Each song in your playlist should contribute to the mood you are looking to create. However, there are countless versions out there of popular songs. For each part of your wedding that requires music, think about what you as a couple and your guests will be doing. During a ceremony usually instrumental versions of a song are most appropriate, however during the reception the crowd might want to sing along.

Just as a side note, the ceremony is basically where all the official stuff happens. Church weddings usually follow a predetermined program, however there are many officiates that allow the couple to give input on the playlist. Think about the songs that best represent you as a couple and ask if those songs can be incorporated in the ceremony. Even the quickest civil ceremony does include some sort of playlist. Here you can get creative, but make sure you contact the registry office to find out what is and what isn’t possible. Leave the crazy songs for the reception, where people will be much more inclined to let loose and have fun.

The technical side

 Now that you’ve compiled the perfect playlist for each part of your wedding day, you need to get technical. Ask your contact person at the venue ­– whether that’s the church or reception area – what kind of sound system they are using. Believe us, you don’t want to show up on your wedding day expecting a docking station only to find an old-fashioned CD player.

Preparation is key

If you are going for the plug-and-play method, make sure you put someone in charge of hitting the ‘play’ button. To make his or her job easy, give them a print out of the order of the songs that need to be played and when to play them. If a choir, band or D.J. is in charge of the music, you may want to discuss your preferred songs way in advance so they can practice or buy the right records.

Now let the dancing begin!

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