5 tips for mastering outdoor photography

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5 tips for mastering outdoor photography



outdoor photography

If you’re anything like us, your Instagram account is littered with images of luscious green forests, stunning sunsets and breathtaking panoramas. Ever tried your hand at it yourself? With a little bit of practice and an endless amount of patience, you’ll be able to master the technique of outdoor photography. Scroll down for Theo Meijer’s top tips for taking some Instagram worthy outdoor pics yourself.

Preparation is the key for outdoor photography

Those stunning cityscapes don’t happen by accident. Before heading out, make sure your camera and lenses are squeaky clean by removing oil stains (yes- your fingers are usually the main culprits!) or wiping off dust with a clean lens cloth and a little bit of lens cleaning fluid. The night before the shoot, check if your batteries are charged. If not, charge them overnight and make sure you bring a spare battery and an extra SD-card.

Bring the right equipment

Capturing the perfect image begins with the right equipment for the job. Even if you are a professional photographer looking to branch out into outdoor photography, you need to first determine your budget and research the best equipment you can buy within your price range. There are many options out there and countless (free) online resources to help you buy the equipment you need. Depending on the images you want to capture, you might need several lenses- such as wide-angled lenses or telephoto lenses – and other equipment to get the job done. And of course, the most valuable “equipment” you can bring to your shoot is a deeper understanding of how to use selective focus and depth of field to create visual impact.

Come rain or shine

Outdoor photography means that you need to play with the elements- literally. No matter how good the forecasts are, no one can ever predict what the weather will be like at the precise moment you are taking your Instagram-worthy shot. The best way to go about it is to be creative and play with what Mother Nature throws at you. Sometimes it’s a matter of simply choosing a different angle to achieve the best results.

Location, location, location

 We’ve said it multiple times in previous blog posts and we’re saying it again. Location is (and always will be) important. The first step to taming Mother Nature is to understand your location. Don’t start photographing straight away. Take your time and look at the physical characteristics of the location. Next take a few test shots to determine what additional equipment you need and your best angle.

Style and theme

 Any good party planner will tell you that the style and theme is important. An outdoor photography fest is no different. Take a few minutes, or even hours if you must, to come up with the best style or theme for your photo shoot. Just make sure you remain flexible. Sometimes a moving cloud bring along an opportunity to take an image you never thought possible!

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