3 Ways of keeping your wedding guests entertained

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3 Ways of keeping your wedding guests entertained

WeddingA good wedding photographer is someone who can capture the moments without ruining the moment. And a great photographer knows what entertainment options for the guests give the best shots. Here are Theo Meijer’s three favorite ways to keep guests entertained and get awesome shots too!



Music makes the world go round

A sure-fire way to set any mood you want for your images is through music. Whether you want to capture your guests being deeply moved or partying like it’s 1999, music can achieve that. Make sure you choose your playlist carefully (click here for some of our suggested ways of doing that) during the ceremony and hire a DJ or band for the reception. A unique way to make sure people get off their bums and onto the dance floor is to place a basket with dancing slippers next to the dance floor to encourage your guests to get those tight, uncomfortable shoes off and their dancing feet moving! You’ll be amazed at the shots your photographer can take.

Give them the booth

Having a booth at your wedding is definitely the way to go! Whether you decide to go for the picture booth, karaoke, video or a special kids section, a booth will make your guests interact in ways you never thought possible. During most weddings, if not all, these special booths are the main excitement of the evening and the best provider of candid shots. It’s fun for young and old and it will provide you with beautiful memories to cherish long after your wedding day has come to an end.

Lounge area at your wedding

Longing to see relaxed faces in your wedding pictures? Create a cozy and inviting lounge area for your guests and make sure your photographer is aware of it. Your wedding lounge can be whatever you want it to be. Important things to keep in mind, are to keep it warm and inviting, to offer a variety of seating options, to include some tables, to arrange multiple seating areas, to think about the lighting and to offer a built-in activity. Capturing two relatives chatting intimately makes a good shot, but having two people who just met conversing makes an even better shot. Some ideas to get you started: cigar tasting, bourbon tasting, s’more making and games that remind you of your childhood. Have fun!

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