Boudoir Photography: self-expression, empowerment and a little nudity

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Boudoir Nudity Photography

Boudoir Photography: self-expression, empowerment and a little nudity

Boudoir Nudity Photography is more popular than ever. A seasoned boudoir photographer knows how to turn every inch of a body into a masterpiece. The genre is about producing alluring photographs by keeping so much of the body hidden. It’s not about skimpy clothes and odd hand placement, but about self-expression and empowerment. And yes, a little nudity never hurt. Boudoir photography traces its roots back to the 1920s when taking photos of women in a seductive outfit was taboo. Art aficionado Albert Arthur Allen revolutionized the scene by doing just that: depicting regular as well as affluent women naked. His idea was to place all women on an equal footing by stripping them naked, thus giving birth to a whole new genre. Fast forward to today. We live in a time where nothing seems to be taboo and everything goes. So how can photographers keep the genre fresh? By stripping the genre down to its core: self-expression, empowerment and purpose. Here are a few best practices for photographers.

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Purpose + result of boudoir photoshoots

Boudoir Nude Photography

In boudoir photography, every inch of skin you see should make a statement. So as a photographer you must know the purpose of the shoot and what you and your client want to say with the shots. The purpose of this genre isn’t just to seduce. Most modern boudoir photos are used as a confidence boost or as a gift to a significant other for a special occasion or a wedding. It’s worthwhile to sit down with your client and have a conversation about it. This genre is also popular in the fashion and cosmetics industry, which means that the picture needs to sell. Ask your corporate client how they sell to their target market and how the photograph fits in. It’s important for you as a photographer to know what the purpose is of the shoot and let that serve as your guide.

Preparation is key for boudoir photography

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Every photography style requires a different approach. The good thing about a boudoir photoshoot is that it is often done indoors. Issues such as anticipating the weather and choosing a site aren’t at play. However, that doesn’t mean you can wing it. You need to think about the right kind of lighting, props, lenses and wardrobe. Knowing beforehand the shots you want to achieve will make the preparation for the shoot go silky smooth.

Are you interested in a Boudoir Photoshoot? Contact Theo Meijer for more information.

Know your client

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Boudoir photography is one of the most intimate styles of photography. One way to ensure your session goes as smoothly as possible is to get your client to relax. The best way to achieve that is to make your client feel at ease by really getting to know him or her. A sure way to boost your client’s confidence is to discuss beforehand what he or she can expect from the session. Remember, boudoir photography isn’t about seductive poses and revealing clothes. It is about capturing your client’s inner beauty.

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