Capturing the future of digital photography

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Capturing the future of digital photography


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The art of photography is always evolving and nowadays technological advancement is a main driver behind that. What we may consider innovative today, may be obsolete next week; that’s how quick the advancements are. From the lenses to the hardware, down to the software used. So, what’s in store for the future casual and serious shutterbug?

Compact, fast, mobile

A purist will insist that wielding the conventional film camera is a fundamental skill any serious photographer must master. And that’s probably true, however the rise and constant development of digital photography in the past two decades has been a game changer. Every time a new product hits the shelves it’s compacter, faster and definitely easier to lug around. As we slowly usher in the age of 4K resolution and drone videography, the introduction of the mirrorless camera is the talk of the town. Set to be superior in functionality and quality compared to a DSLR, the mirrorless camera has big shoes to fill, but it is certainly poised to be the new darling of mainstream consumers and photography enthusiasts. We shouldn’t be surprised if in the near future we can hold a zero-compromise camera in the palm of our hand. And the research and development going into this field will no doubt result in endless possibilities in the near future: compact design, more storage, bigger sensor, faster processor, better quality pictures as well as improved editing options.

Apps are best

Although things are moving fast in the industry, we can gage which way the wind is blowing so to speak. Apps, that is. Full-blown software on the go to aid you in your basic editing needs. Can it get any better? Yes, it can. Add a drone to the equation and voilà; mind blown. Aerial photography and videography is a daring new trend and allows the photographer and videographer to capture those precious moments from an interesting angle. Now imagine, a high-resolution compact durable camera flying a thousand feet up, remotely controlled on your mobile device giving you real-time playback and editing capabilities. Once again technology has once again pushed the art of photography to new bounds, setting challenges and brand new goals to achieve for all of us.

Photography weapon of choice: the camera rig

The outcome of a race is directly related to how well you tune your vehicle. The equivalent for photographers? The camera rig. Most amateur photographers may not realize it, but the camera rig is as important to a photographer as the right camera, lens and light. The best way to ensure all those fancy new features of your camera result in better shots is to also invest in your rig. We see fancy updates in the future of the humble rig. Better design, smoother adjustments, better mounts and seamless integration.

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