Tips for the Newly Engaged Couple

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Tips for the Newly Engaged Couple

Here are some tips for the Newly Engaged Couple. You’ve both upgraded to the dreamy world of not just having a boyfriend or girlfriend, but a Fiancé. The question has been popped and calls made spreading the good news! This is an exciting time in your life, and should be a bonding experience in which you grow even closer to your significant other leading up to the big day. While caught up in the romance and haze of bride and grooms to be, it’s important to stay organized when planning to avoid stress on your relationship. Here are a few tips to help preparation go smoothly!

Communication is Key

Like any other aspect of your life, communication is vitally important. Being on the same page as your partner will avoid the dangerous possibility of becoming a Bridezilla or groom left with cold feet after months of debacle.

Sit down, talk things out. Listening to your partner is just as important as telling them what you envision. Compromising is only fair and something that is necessary in any healthy relationship to keep the peace. Don’t suppress feelings but work out concerns to avoid built up emotion resurfacing later as bigger problems. This will not only help you achieve your short term goals for a wedding but also your ability in the future to communicate as a successful married couple.


When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a lot of factors that go into the day. Prioritizing what matters the most to you is important so you don’t go overboard. Discuss with your fiancé where you want to spend your personal loan budget so that you’re on the same page. A personal loan is a great option for engaged couples to help finance their wedding, as it has lower interest than a credit card. Figuring out which details are most important to you will help establish how much you have to spend on each aspect of your celebration. If a great photographer is a must-have for you so you have the memories to cherish for a lifetime, you’ll have to make that a priority by cutting back on other areas of your wedding.

It’s About the Two of You

It’s 1am, you’re still up anxiously scrolling through your friend Becky’s 2016 dream destination wedding and how perfect it was via Facebook, having second thoughts about your flower choice– Stop. You can compete and compare dresses, food, venue, photographers all day long until you go crazy! Social media is both a blessing and a curse as it serves as a great platform for sharing great ideas for the wedding planning process, yet also exposes newly engaged couples to and infinite possibilities making it hard to commit to anything.

It’s great to gain inspiration from others, but when it comes to planning your special day keeping your budget and own unique vision is key. Don’t stress about what your in-laws or sister wants because it isn’t their day! Talk with your partner about where and when a wedding would work best for the both of you, and how you both would like the details to look. At the end of the day this is a special memory that you will share for a lifetime, and for you!


Wedding talk can easily consume anyone. It’s constantly on your mind and go-to topic of conversation with coworkers, friends and family. The “let me see that ring!” and constant buzz can be new and exciting! But remember where your relationship started and don’t lose the connection you had with your partner that led to this! Actively try to designate time where you aren’t planning or worrying about the big day. Focus on being present and enjoying this time together. Kick back and relax with a weekend getaway or spontaneous date night!

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