About Theo

Born in 1952 I grew up in the Netherlands and pursued a career in the hospitality and international sales industry after finishing my studies in Hotel management (The Hague, 1974).

As I am a hard core realist I chose professional photography: picturing the world, things, people as they appear for my camera. At first I started with fashion photography, creating pictures in a controlled setting. But soon I took my camera with me out in the open. I love to picture people as they are. At this very moment Weddings are my specialty and Real Estate and Interiours are my second. It is now nine years that I enjoy making pictures as an professional photographer. I left for Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) on May 3rd in 2008…

In the meantime I have started as a professional photographer on this small, but beautiful island. My aim is to catch the big and small moments during a Curacao wedding, a touch, a smile. Modeling photography, business presentations, events, it is all in my portfolio since I live here.

To be continued.