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The ‘After’ Checklist: your post-wedding to do list

Are you the type to catch a red eye to your honeymoon destination the evening of your wedding? Probably the morning after you’ll  wake up in your own bed or in a hotel room close to where your reception was held. Although you may feel like you’re incapable of doing…

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Capturing the future of digital photography

  The art of photography is always evolving and nowadays technological advancement is a main driver behind that. What we may consider innovative today, may be obsolete next week; that’s how quick the advancements are. From the lenses to the hardware, down to the software used. So, what’s in store…

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Beyond gay-friendly: Curaçao flies the rainbow flag proudly

Annually, on the cusp of fall, when leaves start to turn red and yellow in colder parts of the world, one small island in the Caribbean bursts with every color of the rainbow. For Theo Meijer– preferred photographer for weddings and the only local photographer specialized in LGBTQ+ ceremonies- the…

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3 Ways of keeping your wedding guests entertained

A good wedding photographer is someone who can capture the moments without ruining the moment. And a great photographer knows what entertainment options for the guests give the best shots. Here are Theo Meijer’s three favorite ways to keep guests entertained and get awesome shots too!     Music makes…

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5 tips for mastering outdoor photography

    If you’re anything like us, your Instagram account is littered with images of luscious green forests, stunning sunsets and breathtaking panoramas. Ever tried your hand at it yourself? With a little bit of practice and an endless amount of patience, you’ll be able to master the technique of…

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Theo’s 3 best Business tips for a crowded market

There is probably no better place than Curaçao to be a professional photographer. The views are unbeatable, the weather is always camera-ready and there’s always a new angle to discover. However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Working on the island can get tough- harsh lighting and extreme heat come…

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The Wedding Playlist

Mr. D.J., play that song! All you need to know about the wedding playlist Imagine your big day. Your bride is standing just a few feet away ready to walk down the aisle. The music starts and you take a deep breath. This is it. Everything is perfect and soon…

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How to be the perfect groomsman

Some of you out there may have been dreaming of being a groomsman all your life, but for most of you the possibility thereof has never even crossed your mind. Best man? Maybe. Groomsman? You’re not even sure what a groomsman does. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Your responsibility as…

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This Year’s Hottest Wedding Trends

The year 2019 promises to be an exciting year for everyone working in the wedding industry. With a vast array of options out there, we are seeing more and more that brides and grooms are letting go of conventions and embracing the personalized wedding trends. So what’s hot in 2019?…

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The ultimate gift for the holidays

  We are fast entering the holiday season with Sinterklaas right around the corner and Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year a bit further down the line. And not to mention the lucky few who are celebrating their birthdays amidst the holiday chaos. In the next few weeks most of…

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Taking it slow: add a slow motion video booth to your wedding

  One of the newest trends taking off right now, when it comes to weddings that is, is the use of a (slow motion) video booth. These can be similar to a photo booth (read more about it here), though the obvious difference is that movement and speech is captured versus…

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Get crazy during La Hora Loca wedding trend!

The new wedding trend Why not kick your wedding up a notch with a fun new trend taking off? It’s known as La Hora Loca, Spanish for “The Crazy Hour,” and it’s essentially an hour-long show comprised of guests wearing flashy, gaudy outfits meant to turn heads and spread infectious…

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Gentlemen, trash the suit!

  A lot has been written about the symbolic way to conclude the wedding that is known as ‘trash the dress’ (check out our post here). Although the groom is also featured in most trash the dress photo shoots, the name basically says it all. It’s about the dress and…

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Unplugged weddings: couples are saying no to weddings through a viewfinder

Over the past few years, smartphones have become a regular part of any wedding décor. Not surprisingly, because most regular human beings in the 21st century are inseparable from their smartphone. Many couples (and businesses) have capitalized on that phenomenon by using technology to encourage guests to actively participate in…

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Equally wed: planning your same-sex wedding on Curaçao

Although same-sex marriage is not currently recognized under the law in Curaçao, the island is internationally known as accepting with its large LGBTQ community, pride parades, gay bars and venues and magazines catering to the specific interest of the community. You can safely hold your sweetie’s hand in public and…

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It’s in the details: how to be a best man

  Going through that phase where everyone you know pairs off and gets married, is just a natural part of growing up. It’s also an exciting time, because odds are that you will be asked by a groom to be the best man at his wedding. Although it’s a great…

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