WANTED Bookings
WANTED Bookings has a big passion for live music since Curacao offers a wide range of talented musicians and bands. The booking agency created a wide portfolio of all genres, talent and solo artists with bio’s, photo and video material. This company has over 7 years of experience in music events, they know where to find you the perfect match when it comes to entertainment.

Bon Aparte Flowers
Wedding Flowers are one of the most important elements of your big day. Let us inspire you with timeless ideas to help you create the wedding of your dreams. Call us at 5 999 7369444 to schedule a free consultation. Living abroad?We can certainly plan your wedding flowers and decorations. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll schedule a Skype or FaceTime consult.

Twizt Catering

Twizt Catering was founded in 2014 by Joel and Chris Gabriela, two brothers with a passion for high quality food made from the freshest ingredients.

Twizt is a catering company that has quickly grown from a small home-based operation to one of the most unique, full-service catering companies in Curacao.

What sets them apart from other catering companies is their commitment to providing elegant, modern dishes, held to the highest culinary standards.

They start with the highest quality ingredients, mix in superior service, add attention to detail, and top it all off by meticulously tending to all their clients needs. What you end up with is a perfect combination! Twizt brings a different dimension to the culinary scene in Curacao, and sets the bar incredibly high.

You can find Twizt catering at lots of different types of events, including corporate events, parties, weddings and other celebrations of all sizes.

Let us help you with your dream cake! Click here for more information on your cakes, sweets and treats!

Avila Hotel

Hands held. Walks and views that last in the mind and soul. Days filled with hours, nights filled with dreams. Avila Hotel is the perfect place for a wedding, honeymoon, a special anniversary, or just an opportunity to renew your love for each other. From a private, torch-lit dinner on the beach, to a formal wedding dinner reception for 200 guests, the Avila Hotel radiates an atmosphere of pure romance, history and timeless elegance.

Delighted To Serve You!…..
…with the sole purpose to make You feel Special, Overjoyed and Loved.
From fixing You a delightful meal to Your Fairy tale Wedding and everything in between, just to see Your radiant smile!