Capturing the future of digital photography

  The art of photography is always evolving and nowadays technological advancement is a main driver behind that. What we may consider innovative today, may be obsolete next week; that’s how quick the advancements are. From the lenses to the hardware, down to the software used. So, what’s in store…

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The ultimate gift for the holidays

  We are fast entering the holiday season with Sinterklaas right around the corner and Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year a bit further down the line. And not to mention the lucky few who are celebrating their birthdays amidst the holiday chaos. In the next few weeks most of…

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Gentlemen, trash the suit!

  A lot has been written about the symbolic way to conclude the wedding that is known as ‘trash the dress’ (check out our post here). Although the groom is also featured in most trash the dress photo shoots, the name basically says it all. It’s about the dress and…

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‘First Look’ photo shoot: the most precious moment

  The bride-centric nature of modern day weddings is most apparent at the beginning of the ceremony when all the guests stand up, turn and admire the bride as she walks down the aisle. What most people don’t realise is that they are missing the best part of the wedding:…

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5 Reasons to hire a professional wedding planner

Marilse Statie-Texeira Brazao is a certified wedding and event planner, and a honeymoon and destination wedding specialist. She’s the owner of Celebrations! and caters to a wide variety of events, including religious initiation events, corporate events, funerals, weddings and vow renewals. According to Marilse the job comes with many perks,…

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Bruids portretten

5 Reasons to do bridals

Bridals Bridal portraits or “bridals” are a Southern US tradition where the bride takes formal portraits in her full wedding attire a few weeks or months before her big day. Traditionally, the portraits are displayed at the reception and given to the bride’s parents as a keepsake after the wedding….

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TM Water Photography

Why every photograph can benefit from water

Water in photography makes for an interesting subject. When we think of water on a tropical island, most of us think beach and ocean. However, there are many other ways water can add some pizazz to your photographs. Crashing waves bring excitement to an image, while crystal-clear reflections teleport you…

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Vervuil de jurk

The best place to trash the dress “after your wedding”

Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock is a symbolic way for couples to conclude the wedding and start the next chapter in their relationship. The shoot is often scheduled the day after the wedding and it’s an occasion for the newlyweds to let go of all the wedding planning stress. The…

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Black & White Photography: When Colour Is Overrated

Black and white photography Colour is all around us and it has a profound and undeniable impact on our daily lives. Colour not only attracts us, but it also distracts us. Without colour, our attention is drawn to shapes, forms and light. That is part of the appeal of black…

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Fotografie stijlen

5 Photography styles that are hot right now

Photography styles Thanks to those rare trailblazers in the wedding industry using technological advancement in photography and powerful image editing tools, conventional wedding pictures seem like a thing of the past. Busy brides-to-be may not have time to stay on top of everything industry professionals are doing, but these are the…

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